Kundli Dosh Solution

A kundli dosh solution is a process of replacing your twelve houses and places to their right position because they are responsible for both your life happiness and struggles. In present days, most of the peoples are suffering from many minor to major problems. Some people realize these problems at their starting, but some realize it after so many losses in their life that they can't solve on their own hands. If you are facing any personal or professional problem in your life regularly from many years, then it can be related to your kundli dosh, according to vedic astrology. A kundli contains information about your twelve houses, planet positions, sun and moon signs, rashi and chakra, manglik dosh, kaal sarpa dosh, etc.
If you are single at a mature age and feel depressed to see all your cousins, neighbors, and friends are getting married, then kundli dosh can be the reason for your marriage difficulties. All the failures in your love, marriage, success, career, business, and studies may solve by repositioning your planets. Twelve houses in your kundli are responsible for all problems related to conflicts in family, love, career, health, marriage. A kundli combines all information about your birth time, birth date, place, etc. because this information is used to identify your planet's positions, son, and moon signs at the time of your birth. All your good and bad situations come in your life by the state of your planets. To make an accurate kundli to understand your life problems or to get all kundli dosh solution by astrology, contact Baba Ji today.

What is Kundli Dosh?

A kundli also called a birth chart, includes all your information on the birth time, date, planet position, Rashi and Chakra, Twelve Houses, Sun and Moon Signs, etc. All good and bad situation happen in your life is connected to your kundli. A kundli dosh always affects by creating problems in your love, marriage, and career life. Every person desires to know about his/her marriage and future husband or wife. Your kundli has the answer to all your questions like your coming love, marriage, or career life will be difficult or not.
Top genuine astrologer in India Baba Ji helps over hundred of people every day through Whatsapp, calls, emails, and meetings(if required). All these depositions of planets create disturbance in your life. There are Manglik Dosh, Rashi Dosh, Kaal Sarpa Dosh, etc that can affect the happiness of your life. A perfect kundli is highly preferred to understand all the positions of your planets. If you desire to know about your love, marriage, child, career, success, study, business, then feel free to consult with Best Astrologer in India Baba Ji 24 hours.

What is Grah Dosh?

All the problems in your life which appear by corners of your deposition houses called as grah Dosh. In Vastu, it enables the exact direction of each wall, stores, Agni Kona, Jal Kona, etc that can remove all the negative energies from your home and life. There are many losses occur by grah dosh like health issues, family disputes, unhappy environment, death of some family member, business loss, and more. Baba Ji provides solutions for grah dosh with accurate Vastu that can help to make you and your family happy.

Kundli Dosh Solutions Astrologer
Kundli Dosh Solutions

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